Motivational interviewing

Motivational Interviewing is a powerful approach to a managing a conversation for those looking to facilitate positive changes in lifestyle and  behaviours in others. Our training will provide you with practical MI techniques to hold effective change conversations in a range of contexts: improving health and wellbeing, engaging staff in compliance with new processes, improving service delivery, lifting performance, changing culture.

Our aim is to make this powerful set of techniques easily accessible for anyone who needs to facilitate successful behavioural change in others. You learn the essential strategies, skills and approaches to influence and enable others to make positive changes for themselves, and those around them. The course is highly interactive, with plenty of skills practice to build competence and confidence. We provide pre-course self assessments to raise awareness, and post workshop support to aid application.

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What you will learn on the training

  • The spirit behind the MI approach
  • Principles that support effective change conversations
  • The stages in the cycle of change and what works at each stage
  • Key MI skills and how to use them with confidence
  • Working effectively with resistance and other blockers to change
  • How to encourage and engage with change talk
  • How to create and gain commitment to a change plan
  • Sustaining change over the longer term

Benefits of attending our training

  • Greater confidence and capability in conversational techniques around change
  • Influence and motivate others to embrace and adopt change
  • Support others to become advocates for change
  • Encourage greater responsibility and ownership for changing behaviour
  • Sustain and embed changes over the longer term