ILM Level 3 Mentoring

ILM Level 3 is a recognised Mentoring qualification which equips potential mentors with the capability and confidence to mentor others effectively over the course of a mentoring programme or relationship.   It is relevant for mentors in the workplace, and volunteer mentors who support work related mentoring programmes in the community.

The programme is equally relevant for organisations seeking to establish consistency across across their existing mentor pool.  This qualification could be offered as a reward to sustain volunteer commitment and engagement.  Content is tailored to your specific mentoring context and the needs of individual mentors.

The course is practical with a blend of face to face training and individual support to help mentors develop their capability in real time mentoring conversations. The course lasts on average about 6-9 months, though can be completed sooner depending on individual situations.

Benefits for the mentor and the organisation

  • Consistency in quality standard across your mentoring service
  • Enhanced mentoring capability, confidence and effectiveness
  • Improved measurement and evaluation of outcomes
  • Sustained mentor engagement and commitment
  • Increased positive impact and experience for mentees

What you will gain from the training

  • Learn about mentoring as a powerful development tool
  • Understand the role and responsibilities of effective mentors
  • Explore different approaches to mentoring
  • Put your new skills into practice with support from your personal mentor
  • Analyse, assess and plan to improve your own mentoring capability

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ILM Mentoring

ILM Level 3 Mentoring