Empowering conversations

The hidden potential of conversations

Empowering conversations provide a powerful medium for change.  When we change the way we participate in conversations, we influence shifts in how we and others perceive, think and act.   Change is achieved through these shifts in how we talk to each other.

We train your staff and volunteers to recognise that every conversation presents us with a valuable opportunity to empower, inspire and enable others to bring about positive changes in their work and personal lives. We teach specific conversational skills and techniques that will help them to increase the impact of their conversations, enabling others to feel more empowered, more resourceful and more resilient.

The foundations for an empowering cosversation are built around core relational skills such as connection, engagement and enquiry.  We will help to enhance your capability at building a strong foundation that will support specific conversational strategies and techniques that fit your context for empowerment.

You will learn conversational techniques and strategies to:

  • Build resourcefulness through helping someone optimise their strengths and potential
  • Enhance capacity to make choices and transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes
  • Encourage a mindset for action and responsibility
  • Unblock barriers to motivation and self esteem
  • Develop capability for effective and sustainable self management
  • Increase resourceful ways of thinking and behaving
  • Generate new perspectives and possibilities for positive change

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