Befriending conversations


We train volunteer befrienders and staff in conversational styles and techniques that boost the quality and impact of their befriending relationships.

Our training aims to build confidence and know-how so every befriending conversation makes a positive difference to the lives and wellbeing of those in the community you seek to support.  We design each course specifically around your befriending context, and the needs of your volunteers. As volunteer befrienders ourselves, we understand the challenges for befrienders, and recognise the diverse needs of those we befriend.

We have provided training for befrienders who support the elderly, those working with disadvantaged young people, and communities with health conditions supporting others with the same.

Befriending conversation

Our training helps befrienders to:

  • Strengthen and develop their befriending relationship
  • Provide effective and appropriate support to the person they befriend
  • Develop more confidence in their befriending skills
  • Sustain engagement and motivation throughout

Core skills that befrienders need covered by our training, includes:

  • The befriending relationship and how it differs from other types of ‘helping’ relationships
  • The stages of a befriending relationship, from beginnings to endings
  • Conversational techniques to boost greater wellbeing and resourcefulness
  • Navigating challenging moments and boundaries
  • Ways of sustaining motivation and engagement
  • Managing endings successfully

'My training had a big impact on the way I interact with my befriendee. Our weekly hour has now become about sharing time together and providing an outlet for her to talk about her difficulties.'

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