Helping your organisation grow

Our consulting services support growth and expansion through service improvements – and help you to measure the impact of your work.

From articulating vision and purpose, to robust operational planning, we help you leverage your strengths, skills and resources so your activities impact successfully on clients and service users.

Whether adapting to change, or developing new products and services, our extensive business experience provides the stimulus for fresh perspectives, creative thinking and new ways of working.

How we can support you 
Strategic purpose and vision. A sense of purpose and clear vision is essential driving your business forward and engaging staff in a shared future that everyone can buy into and feel part of.

Innovation and change. We help evolve products and  services, or new ways of delivering existing service to meet increasing demand, or reduced levels of funding.

Evidence of impact assessment.  Monitoring, measuring and evaluating programmes enables you to provide evidence of the impact on clients or service users – essential for demonstrating  value for clients, stakeholders and tendering for future income steams.

Other consultancy services

Working culture and behaviours. Identify and implement changes so your culture aligns seamlessly with external expectations and requirements, QA standards and sector competency frameworks

Training needs analysis. We identify critical skills or knowledge gaps among your management, staff and volunteers, and help you improve specific areas of work or service delivery to lift levels of service performance, or adapt to meet rising demand.


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