We are qualified coaches with over 20 years experience across sectors. We offer effective support for a wide range of personal and professional aspirations and goals. We use a range of professional and personal development tools, resources and strategies to enable individuals to reach their desired outcomes – whatever they may be.

Within orgnisation we coach from middle to senior leaders. We also coach those heading up newly formed or growing organisations in the community, charity and social enterprise sectors.   We engage closely with internal sponsors to ensure coaching programmes comply with organisational expectations and processes, from set-up to final evaluation.

We build coaching around your needs

  • Assessments to increase self awareness and generate clarity e.g. working style, emotional intelligence, career direction
  • Cycle of 6-8 sessions to enable you to develop strategies, integrate learning, achieve results
  • One-off session to resolve an immediate, pressing issue or challenge
  • Free initial conversation to determine coaching need and goals
  • Additional email and phone support between sessions as needed
  • Sessions delivered face to face, by phone or skype to fit location and schedule
  • Rates tailored to budget, and offered on a session by session basis or as a whole package.


Areas we typically provide coaching around

  • leadership and management effectiveness
  • positive influence and impact
  • moving into a new role
  • confidence and self esteem
  • personal and organisational effectiveness
  • personal resourcefulness and resilience
  • career development and progression
  • managing and implementing change
  • engaging and motivating others
  • life balance and managing multiple priorities
  • stress management

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you

Assessments and profiling tools

We are accredited to provide these widely used and validated emotional intelligence and behavioural assessments.  These assessments raise awareness of strengths and possible blind spots, generate insight into motivations and behaviours, and support the development of more effective responses.

We can offer a one-off assessment with feedback conversation to debrief results and create an development action plan. Or as part of a coaching or team development programme.

Some comments from satisfied clients:

‘My coach enabled me to really feel empowered with a new sense of self. The personal benefits to me have been enormous - I feel much more self-assured, self-confident and relaxed. This has been a very packed transition period in many ways and my coach has been instrumental in supporting my awakening.’          

                                                                                                  Learning and Development Manager, NHS Trust

'My coach had an amazing ability to facilitate my awareness of my drivers and motivations. The coaching has helped increase my effectiveness in achieving my performance objectives (this year I received a high achiever ranking)'.
                                                                                                              Senior Economist, Government Regulator