Haringey Education

Coaching to improve standards in education

We supported the acting head and key staff of a large primary school through a period of whole school transformation. The school had been placed on ‘notice to improve’ following their Ofsted inspection. The coaching programme focused on enabling the head and senior leadership team to transform the leadership and management culture. This included teaching and learning practices throughout the school in order to raise pupil attainment.

The initial emphasis was on planning followed by delivery on key improvement areas for teaching practice, leadership and management. This involved coaching staff around setting clear targets to raise children’s attainment in specific subjects. Subsequent sessions focused on strategies and interventions, supported by monitoring and evaluating procedures to ensure performance targets were met.

The acting head, new to the role, received personal coaching to build leadership strategies and confidence in her own leadership style and approach. Morale and motivation among staff was raised, targets were met and the school achieved a rating of ‘good’ in their next Ofsted report.


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