Our Team facilitation is goal and solution focused that impacts on the relationships and interactions within the team. Our approach generates positive dialogue, develops accountability and sparks collective creativity. It ensures input from everyone so they take ownership of decisions and actions. We help teams develop greater insight into their working relationships, and support them to work together more effectively.

We facilitate senior leadership teams to development their vision, values and orgnisational strategies. We help new teams to integrate quickly so they perform more effectively both as individuals and as a team from the start.

Other issues for team faciliatation might be a need to improve communication, or learn to build trust and collaborate more effectively.  We help team members hold more engaging conversations, so relationships strengthen, performance improves and outputs are enhanced.

Assessments to support development 

We are accredited to use widely used and validated emotional intelligence and behavioural assessments to support team development.  These assessments help teams to understand each others' strengths, motivations and behaviours.  They help to identify areas for potential conflict or misinterpretation that can weaken relationships, undermine collaboration and affect overall performance.

Assessments provide a valuable aid to developing stronger, more productive teams and work equally well for newly formed teams as for longer established teams that wish to re-energise their performance.

We can provide assessments as part of a team development programme or as a one-off development activity or workshop. Individual and team coaching sessions help to identify and generate effective actions plans.

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Case Example:

Altrincham Grammar School for Girls - Creating  a Compelling vision for the future

We developed a strengths based, appreciative process to support the Senior Leadership Team in envisioning a new direction for the school to meet changes in national and local education policy. Appreciative approaches are particularly effective for releasing creativity while increasing levels of engagement and motivation.

We facilitated the SLT through this process which resulted in the generation of a new vision for the School with a clear change plan to bring the vision alive.  The process improved levels of collaboration, communication and engagement across the team.  The resulting level of commitment to the vision enabled it to be promoted and cascaded successfully throughout the School, and with external partners.