Action Learning

Action Learning is an enquiry driven process where a group of up to eight people find solutions to pressing individual, department or organisational problems, and set actions to implement them. The process is faciliated by a qualified and experienced AL coach.  AL harnesses the creativity and experience within the group, develops individuals' skills in strategic thinking, problem solving, business process improvement, communication and influencing.

Action Learning works for teams as well as groups of individuals leaders and managers across sectors.  AL groups work by bringing different perspectives to the challenges presented.  Group members learn how to optimise the diversity of participants to resolve issues.

How does this approach work?

Questions drive an enquiry-driven approach, which creates much stronger and effective teams where all participants agree on solutions developed and have buy-in towards their implementation.

Different views and perspectives are offered and, as a result, fresh ideas and solutions are suggested. Participants learn how to tackle the issues they’re facing, gaining insight into how they approach problems, and how to address challenges successfully in the future.

Our AL coaches are qualified through the World Institute of Action Learning (WIAL). This approach produces practical solutions for immediate application, while building group cohesion through positive dialogue and collaboration.

Benefits of Action Learning

  • Addresses real time challenges while improving collaboration, dialogue and relationships
  • Generates solutions and ideas from within, boosting confidence, creativity and self reliance
  • Promotes positive, mutually respectful interaction with colleagues
  • Increases engagement with the ethos of continuous improvement

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