Mentoring, coaching and influencing conversations

 Barnet Homes manages and maintains 15,000 leasehold and council homes on behalf of Barnet Council.  We have provided training and coaching services to BH for over 10 years.  Recently, we have supported the introduction of a mentoring & buddying scheme for new apprentices, through developing mentoring guidance and resources, and delivering training for mentors and mentees.  The focus on building mentoring skills along with self managed learning approaches resulted in greater engagement and stronger take-up of mentoring by both mentors and mentees.

We’ve coached senior managers across the organisation, including facilities management, leasehold operations and customer service. Working closely with the HR sponsor, evaluation and feedback was integrated into all programmes to ensure coaching achieved agreed outcomes and desired impact.

We also developed a range of ‘lunch and learn’ drop-in sessions around influencing conversational skills and techniques.



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