Conversations: different styles for changing times

Technological, economic and social developments continue to shape society. Whilst they provide opportunties for creativity, enterprise and new ideas to flourish, they also threaten the viability of some orgnisations and their way of doing things.  All organisations, even those in relatively stable environments, have to meet the challenge of learning to adapt, or risk becoming […]

Enabling conversations

“It isn’t the changes that do you in; it’s the transitions”           William Bridges Enabling conversations help us adapt to constant change. Whether that change is organisational, technological or social, having to step out of our comfort can put a strain on us. It may sometimes feel that we have only just got to grips with […]

Effective self talk

What is self talk? Our inner voice, the voice of our mind is our self talk. We all self-talk, usually unconsciously, and it can be a subtle running commentary in our mind as we go about our daily activities. The way we talk to ourselves affects how we feel, how we act, the choices we […]

Talking change

Conversations are a medium for change, and it is through conversations that we create a context for learning. Simple, collaborative conversations help people discover their voice, so they can articulate more easily any support they may require with the challenges they face. Often just listening carefully and asking some simple, yet focused questions, is all […]

Conversation is relationship in action

“The conversation is the relationship. If the conversation stops, all of the possibilities for the relationship become smaller and all of the possibilities for the individuals in the relationship become smaller…” The above quote from Susan Scott, author of ‘Fierce Conversations’ sums up the importance of human connectivity which is nurtured though the conversations we […]