We are a specialist practice of experienced trainers, facilitators, mentors and coaches working across a variety of organisational contexts – from the NHS, education and public bodies to charities, voluntary bodies and social enterprises.  We are accredited and knowledgeable practitioners in our fields, and work closely with a range of delivery partners.  

Our 'supported self management' approach to all our work stems from our belief in developing the core principles of sustainable success  - self responsibility, resourcefulness and resilience.

We believe in working collaboratively with clients to ensure we deliver visible results on the ground.  We don’t offer ‘off the shelf’ training programmes.  Our programmes are tailored to clients' specific individual and service needs, workplace context and delivery outcomes.  Where possible, we align programmes with existing standards of practice so impact can be monitored and evaluated more easily. 



William Jackson

  Will Jackson    Will began his career in education, leading to senior management roles with the Pitman Education and Training Group. From 1995, he has applied his knowledge and experience to support managers and teams to develop their operational, leadership and general management capability across public and private sectors.

Will  has an MBA, is a qualified coach and mentor, NLP Master Practitioner, qualified coaching supervisor and action learning coach. He was also a founding member of the OCM and CIPD senior coaching faculty, and is accredited by the National College of School Leadership to support the development of future leaders in education. He has trained with Gerard Egan in use of his 'Skilled Helper' and consulting models which he uses to help groups and communities develop better ways of collaborating, communicating and delivering.

Will gives his time as a volunteer mentor for the School for Social Enterprise working to support community and social enterprises to grow and develop. A lifelong Man City supporter, he also captains his pub cricket team, and is a keen golfer and cyclist. His proudest achievement so far is cycling across the Pyrenees, and surviving intact!


Jane Townsend

Jane Townsend      Jane has a background in linguistics and communication, was initially a language and teacher trainer, then academic manager for Pitman Training responsible for development programmes for national and international organisations. Jane has worked with brand agencies to run audits for organisations seeking to change communication and management behaviours and processes in line with values and brand identity.

Jane is a qualified coach and mentor, coach supervisor, NLP master practitioner and trainer. She is accredited to use emotional intelligence and profiling instruments, and is an approved executive coach for NHS London's Leading for Health programme.

Away from work, Jane is a volunteer befriender and mentor, having supporting disadvantaged young people for over 5 years now. She loves walking, especially over long distances and is proud of having walked three pilgrim paths in Spain, and one in the UK - which means she has walked over 800kms, and aims to keep going!